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Black & Mild

If you are considering to indulge in some of the top selling machine rolled cigars on the market, consider Black & Mild cigars. Black & Mild tobacco is fully flavored with an essence of sweetness. The aroma emanating from Black & Mild machine rolled cigars is so pleasant, pure and delightful that it leaves the smoker with the true understanding of a redolent aftertaste close to that of a hand made premium cigar. Allow yourself to indulge in the magical experience offered by the Black & Mild cigar now while the prices appear affordable and consumer-friendly. Black & Mild cigar flavors range from fruity Apple to Cream, Vanilla and other exotic aromas. Some of the Black & Mild machine rolled cigars also feature wooden tips.

Prime Wholesale is doing everything to maintain the lowest price online on the Black & Mild cigars variety.

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