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CAO World Sampler Assorted Cigars Pack of 4

CAO World Sampler Assorted Cigars Pack of 4

CAO World Sampler Assorted Cigars Pack of 4

List Price: $29.99
Our price $14.99
  • Fujima 56 Gauge Double Blade Cigar Cutter 3 Finger
    Improve your smoking experience with these Stainless Steel Accessories from the word famous Fujima!
  • Three Cigar Ashtray Triangle
    Smoke your fresh cigars with style and comfort. All Ashtrays come with a cigar socket to keep the cigar safe on the tray.
  • Glasstop Mahogany Humidor
    Time to put away those dry, stale cigars, and use this high quality glass-top humidor. Easily fits up to 50 Cigars and comes with a useful divider to keep your stash organized.
CAO World Sampler Assorted Cigars Pack of 4.

America Potomac Barber Pole (5 x 56)

Made in two American-grown wrappers, CAO Americana utilizes premium tobaccos from five different countries in order to create a cigar that is tailored to the american aficionado. An eye-catching 'pinstripe' effect catches the eye while a cigar that has depth and complexity with an appealing aesthetic captivates your palette.

Brazilia Gol! Maduro (5 x 56)

Filled with rich, smooth Nicaraguan tobacco and wrapped in dark, oily, brown Brazilian wrapper leaves, CAO Brazilia is a full-bodied masterpiece. CAO Brazilia is big, bold, and loaded with flavors of black pepper and exotic spices.

Italia Ciao Natural (5 x 56)

The Italian Habano seed used for CAO Italia was originally brought to Italy from Cuba over 40 years ago. It lends a very unique, earthy sweetness to the robust, full-flavored composition of CAO Italia − per la dolce vita!

Criollo Pato Natural (4 7/8 x 50)

The criollo seed originated in Cuba, the motherland of the premium cigar. CAO takes a Criollo seed wrapper and marries it with a rich, smooth combination of Nicaraguan binder and fillers to create CAO Criollo. The result is a medium-bodied cigar that is packed with flavors of cedar, leather and spice.

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