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Cigars come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The size and the shape defines cigar's name. The size is defined by cigar's lengh and so called ring gauge. Some popular sizes are listed below:
NameLength (inches)Ring Gauge (inches)
Cigarillo4 - 625 - 30
Corona Extra4 - 6 1/245 - 47
Robusto4 1/2 - 548 - 50
Corona5 1/2 - 642 - 45
Panatela5 1/2 - 6 1/234 - 38
Toro5 1/2 - 6 1/247 - 55
Lonsdale6 - 6 1/242 - 44
Churchill6 3/4 - 7 3/446 - 48
Presidente7 - 8 1/252 - 60
Giant7 3/4 and up45 - 55
Torpedo (Cone Shaped Head)5 1/2 - 6 1/246 - 52
  • Filtered Cigars

    Filtered cigars are very similar to cigarettes in size. They are usually wrapped in paper and have filter.
    The main difference from a cigarette is that filtered cigars contain tobacco leaf as opposed to cigarette processed tobacco.
    While may be inhaled, filtered cigars are usually stronger and have more distinct flavor.
    Filtered cigars are also often referred as little cigars.
  • Cigarillos

    Cigarillo translated from Spanish as "little cigar". Cigarillos are essentially cigars little in size. Another known name for cigarillos is "Seven Minute Cigar".
    Usually cigarillos are machine made and sometimes may be filtered. The main difference from a cigarette is that cigarillo is not supposed to be inhaled. It also contains roughly 3 times more tobacco than a cigarette. Unlike cigarettes they are normally wrapped in a tobacco leaf.
  • Blunts

    Blunt is a type of cigars sized between cigarillos and Coronas.
    Blunts were called such in 19th century due to their rounded tip as opposed to other cigars with a pointed tip.
    Blunts may be wrapped with a thick outer leaf made either from tobacco or paper.
  • Machine Rolled Cigars

    Machine rolled or machine made cigars are manufactured by machines. Machine rolled cigars are typically cheaper than those rolled by hand.
    The filler in machine rolled cigars may be not fully made of tobacco. The filler is usually shorter and may contain paper and chemicals.
    While the quality of machine made cigars is typically inferior to those hand rolled, they deliver a good puffing experience at a very affordable price.