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Glass Products

2015 Glass Products and Accessories

Introducing wholesale pricing on a huge variety of glass hand pipes, bubblers, water pipes and more.

How to order?

Oh, so you noticed that there's no "Buy Now" button have you? Well, thats not a mistake. You see, at this time we can not sell these guys on our website. We can however showcase the full catalogue for you and give you a few options on how to get your hands on them.

  1. Browse the massive selection below.
  2. Call us to speak to a glass expert at (888) 914-0500 Ext. 106
  3. Place your order by calling Ext. 106 or via our email

At this time, due to the nature of the products we can only sell them via the phone or email to ensure we provide you with the best possible options.

The stock changes often and new pipes are added daily. Check them out and have the sku ready when you are placing your order.

Please scroll through the catalog above. If it's not working, please browse the full screen version here.