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Iolite Original Portable Vaporizer Kit Black

Iolite Original Portable Vaporizer Kit Black

Iolite Original Portable Vaporizer Kit Black

List Price: $189.99
Our price $99.99
The Iolite set the standard in the world of vaporizing. The small, ergonomic design made Iolite the first truly portable vaporizer, offering a real alternative to smoking. By heating the blend - not burning it - Iolite produces a smooth vapor that you can enjoy wherever life takes you.

When the IOLITE was introduced in 2008, it broke the mould. It was the first truly portable vaporizer, with no cords or batteries, and an instantaneous power source. IOLITE set the standard in what smokeless freedom is all about - doing it your way when the mood takes you.

IOLITE works by heating your blend to an optimum temperature, to produce smooth, consistent vapors. IOLITE's technology means you won't burn or waste your blend, so there are no harmful chemicals to worry about and your blend lasts longer.

IOLITE revolutionized the vaporizing market, thanks to our unique and patented technology. It broke free of cords by using a butane gas power source that could last up to two hours and charged more quickly than its rivals; the heat pin ensures that your blend is heated thoroughly and used completely, so there's a consistent vapor and maximum enjoyment; and this all comes in a portable unit that can go where you and is ready with you want it.

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