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L Smoke E Hookah Mixed Display Pack of 24

L Smoke E Hookah Mixed Display Pack of 24

L Smoke E Hookah Mixed Display Pack of 24

List Price: $179.99
Our price $59.99
The same rich flavor found in L Smoke E Liquids, now in a Disposable. Every L Smoke Disposable E Hookah features a simple and contemporary design. Simply inhale! No buttons to press, nothing to set up. It's that easy.

Each L Smoke Disposable E Hookah will last up to 800 puffs. Depending on smoking habits, of course.
Mango Delight

The exotic flavor of a mango is perfectly captured in this Disposable E Hookah. The sweet tartness will make your mouth water. No harsh nicotine flavor, no heavy smoke. Just a smooth and pleasant experience.
Green Apple

Sweet and sour green apples are as american as... well, apple pie. This E Hookah contains plenty of delicious, mouthwatering apples to make you want more and more. Every puff feels like biting into a fresh, ripe fruit.
Blueberry Twist

A sweet and tangy Blueberry flavor, designed to stimulate your tastebuds and maximize the satisfaction of every puff. A simple yet sophisticated flavor.
Grape Explosion

The perfect grape. Sweet, yet tangy. Juicy, yet not overpowering. Unlike other grape flavors on the market today, L Smoke Grape does not try to overwhelm you with an array of extreme powerfull grape scents. This is a simple flavor, mild yet enduring.

A delicious, juicy bite into a freshly sliced watermelon. Every puff will fill your mouth with a sweet juicy euphoria. L Smoke flavors are created to appeal to every one, and nothing demonstrates this as much as watermelon. The flavor is gradual and not overpowering.
Strawberry Blast

It's hard to compare a ripe strawberry. It is such a unique and satisfying flavor, that there is nothing like it. Not to be confused with its delicious offshoot, strawberry kiwi. This flavor is all about gradually guiding you through every puff, and leaving you craving more and more.
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