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Starbuzz shisha provides a mind-blazing smoke for the hookah smoker with its dazzling shisha that produces a smoke not quite as thick as cigarette smoke, allowing itself to filter through the hookah setup. This allows the Starbuzz shisha smoke-byproduct to rid itself of most harmful ingredients that aren’t filtered in cigarettes. With a delicious aroma that will remind you of your childhood years surrounded by flavored bubble gum, Starbuzz shisha is simply superb in its class. Outlasting its competitors in longevity, Starbuzz shisha should be your choice for your next hookah smoke!

Prime Wholesale offers Starbuzz shisha flavors like exotic cherry, exotic citrus mint, exotic apple Americano, exotic blueberry grape, exotic code 69, exotic cosmopolitan, exotic flower power, exotic fruit sensation, exotic fuzzy lemonade, exotic fuzzy naval, exotic mango, exotic margarita, exotic Marlette, exotic raspberry, exotic sex on the beach, exotic wild berry, exotic orange, exotic strawberry, acid blue, acid gold, acid purple, acid red, exotic black grape, exotic blackberry, exotic blue mist, exotic chocolate strawberry, exotic guava, exotic pirate’s cave, exotic pumpkin pie, exotic spearmint, exotic strawberry, exotic tequila sunrise, exotic white peach, exotic wild mint and premium quick-lighting charcoal.

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