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Viva La Vape Digital Vaporizer The Guerrilla

Viva La Vape Digital Vaporizer The Guerrilla

Viva La Vape Digital Vaporizer The Guerrilla

List Price: $119.99
Our price $74.99

With exact digital temperature control, the Viva La Vape Guerrilla Vaporizer makes it easy to utilize different blends with a wide range of control. From the low end of the heat spectrum to the high end, let the Viva la Vape Guerrilla Vaporizer be your partner in vaporization.

The Viva La Vape Guerrilla is one of the newest, hottest vaporizers on the market today. Aromatherapy and vapor enthusiasts are buzzing -- delighted by its design and ease of use. It is solidly constructed with a metal housing to protect the delicate heating element. It also features a digital temperature control for more precise control of your vapor temperature.

Balloon vaporizers are known to be the premium family of vaporization devices producing high quality vapor via standardized vaporizer controlled procedure. After the device is heated up and your herb vapor starts to build, there is an automatic steady flow of air through the heating chamber. That ensures constant vaporization temperature with constant airflow speed, which results in exactly right conditions for essential oils to vaporize. There is no place for user such mistakes like drawing through the hose too slow or too fast which in effect changes the temperature in vaporization chamber during user draws. The balloon fills with perfect vapor.

The Viva La Vape Guerrilla digital balloon vaporizer offers users freedom to move.

The detachable balloon allows users to walk around during inhaling, which is much nicer than being attached to a hose or any device.

Key features of the Guerrilla vaporizer:

  • Forced air bag unit
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Cooling fan with vent on the bottom
  • Bag on top
  • Metal housing
  • Includes pump with hose
  • Bag inflates in under one minute
  • Digital temperature control

You can use the Viva La Vape Guerrilla Vaporizer as not only a vaporizer but as a steamer, an oils diffuser, and as an ambient aromatherapy unit.

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