AyC Grenadiers Dark Cigars 2 Pack Special 10 Packs of 6

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Great value 2 pack special! The AyC Grenadiers Dark Cigars puts forward a great price and allows for an understanding of a noteworthy reputation that will fulfill the smoker's cravings without the slightest doubt.
Great value 2 pack special!

The AyC Grenadiers Dark Cigars,produced by a company that has been in the business satisfying many customers for over 130 years,have been fabricated in a noteworthy way to proffer a mild taste and a delicate aroma that ceases to dissatisfy. Upheld by the legendary reputation of its production company,Antonio y Cleopatra,the AyC Grenadiers Dark Cigars are produced with the Cuban seed tobacco its central filler and wrapper with a natural leaf wrapper. With a ring guage of 33 and length of 6”,these cigars will allow to satisfy your cravings to the maximum capacity of possible satisfaction,guaranteed!
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