Cuban Rejects Toro Maduro Cigars Pack of 10

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Nicaraguan Size: 6 x 50 Toro

Place your eyes on those special premium cigars that will trick your olfactory into thinking that you are living a stress-reduced life. How would it feel to experience a moment filled with nature's wonders and a moment that doesn't have the slightest trace of negativity or stress? Think to yourself. Imagine,as you take a drag from the Cuban Rejects Toro Maduro Cigar,how life would be lived by someone that shouldn't worry about paying bills,taking care of a family or going to work. That state of visualization is easily attained by the Cuban Rejects Toro Maduro Cigars. Without a trace of the slightest doubt,you will be absorbed into a world-class cigar experience. With its Toro-based shaped,the Cuban Rejects Toro Maduro Cigars are carefully wrapped into the Maduro wrapper and readily packed in such a way that the burn is even and long lasting. Each Cuban Rejects Toro Maduro Cigar is sized 6”X50 and is perfect for any occasion,especially for that one day when you decide to reduce all of the stress from your life. Prime Wholesale is offering a very low price on these Cuban Rejects Toro Maduro Cigars in comparison,while the quality stays very high. Buy them now!

Size  6 X 50
Count  50 Handrolled Premium Cigars

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