Liga Privada Undercrown Gordito Cigars Box of 25

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Nicaraguan Size: 6 x 60 Doubel Toro Wrapper: Natural
Nicaraguan Size: 6 x 60 Doubel Toro

Drew Estate built a legacy through their world-famous Acid brand. As a perfect compliment to the readily available acids,they decided to create something extraordinary. This gave birth to Liga Privada. The Liga has been proclaimed by some as the perfect combination of tobacco and flavor. Smooth burning,perfect smoke,ultimate relaxation and class.

Unfortunately,as always,perfection comes at a price. Knowing this,Drew Estate decided to make the Liga available to the masses,and with this introduced the Liga Undercrown. Made in the same manor as the legendary Liga Privada,but with a reasonable price tag. Liga Undercrown comes in five sizes that will appease any cigar enthusiast. This perfect blend of quality,allure and price can only come from one place: Drew Estate,a pioneer in premium cigars. Try a Liga Privada today and take your place among the greats!
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