Zino Classic No 8 Tubos Cigars Box of 10

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Dominican Size: 6.875 x 48 Wrapper: Natural
Dominican Size: 6.875 x 48

Medium-to-full bodied.

The refined blend of the new Zino Classic Cigar Series is composed of excellent Honduran Jamastran Tobaccos lending the series its earthy aroma. To further enrich the notes of the Honduran tobaccos,a small portion of Dominican tobaccos has been added,however still maintaining the typical Honduran taste. This results in very aromatic,rich and balanced cigars with complex and spicy aromas. The aftertaste is prolonged and with a slight sweet touch. The Zino Classic Cigar Series offers all smokers,novices to aficionados,a good range of sizes and shapes,as well as a great choice for a pleasing and flavorful smoking experience.
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